Brio Explained

(Brio is the title of an app for tablets and phones that I conceptualized. The philosophy behind it is laid out here).

Brio: Vigor; Vivacity: force of healthy growth in any living matter or organism.


It behooves each natural or accidental philosopher, once they have established their own pleasant view of an ideal life, to take that ideal, translate it into a microcosmic model, and explain their reasonings in a way children could understand.

From my observations, there are three main spheres within which we not only reside as human beings but we must, by a seemingly eternal duty, do our best to sustain and benefit.

I should note that this model is taken from my observations, having tasted many religions and ideas, but mostly from what seems to ring truest among everyone in common who walks or breathes and sometimes both. It is not dependent upon any one religion or belief system alone and does not completely disregard any other.

It is difficult to assert that there is an optimal recurring path every human could or should take as they experience an existence here. Yet, for the sake of understanding who we are, why we are here and what we are supposed to do, it becomes necessary to find the most common and productive path that seems to bring the most success and fulfillment.

In order to respect individuality, perhaps one of our most enjoyable traits, this common path would need to be as broad as possible, allowing for innumerable ways to fulfill it. If those that come after us change our road from bricks to stones, at least we will have done the work of clearing the way before them.

There is a lot to explain and it would be considerably torturous to make anyone scroll through all I have to say if it were on one page. Thus, there are many different explanations and perspectives split into the articles below:


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