He is not human that does not philosophize. If mother nature intended us to be ants, marching on without questioning our actions, though for one of her productive and beautiful accomplishments, we would not have been given our most advanced of brains.

If we would live the great standard set by Socrates, that “the unexamined life is not worth living,” than by the very virtue that we were born into a human body, we must become effective thinkers.

We adapt better than almost every creature on earth, we have one of the most advanced diets possible and our ability to communicate and ponder is not paralleled by the combination of all of earth’s most advanced animals. The first step to becoming anything we have the potential to be, is to first realize that potential. As for you and me, I have not yet seen the limit of what we could be.

The size of our body has a limit, the potential intake of any substance can become harmful if over-done. Yet, the potential of the human brain is not understood by the most intelligent beings on earth, even those who harbor such a priceless tool.

No doubt, I am eternally thankful that at the age of 8, as I walked home alone from school under the oven of the desert sun, I suddenly stopped, looked up and around me, and had a palpable feeling that there was much more to this world than what I knew and what I could see. I was irritated a little as I suddenly felt like there was a multitude watching me, who all knew so much more and were part of a life outside of this one. I felt as if I was in a play, one where the actors were kept ignorant, but I didn’t want to be. It seems that right there, at that ultimately malleable period of my life, I developed a passion, a goal, a dream.

I planned to discover the purpose of life. I aimed to one day find out what brings joy, peace and contentment. Even now, though I believe in one religion more than others, I have to accept that there is good in everyone and everything. Being close-minded is a nightmare to me, for it means there will be somewhere or someone from which I will not gain more understanding. I have yet to find a source by which I did not gain a thing. Here I record my pondering.