Cold Season

Your nose gets stuffed and runny at the same time. Your eyes become watery, though dry as well. Your head is foggy and your entire body feels exhausted. It often comes during the time of year when winter is knocking at the door.

We can never escape at least one dose of the yearly cold or flu seasons.

I used to dread this time, when I have no choice but to succumb to the ruthless virus that is so relentlessly attacking me.

Now I find a sense of peace: a peace through simplicity.

Having a cold inevitable takes me back to my childhood; it turns me back into a child.

While under the spell, I am a helpless, weak and humble child who sits and innocently waits to be set free.

It seems there is inevitably a moment during each cold I endure that I find a peace only to be found while under that sinister germ.

While I am in the cage of its grasps, for a time, though short it may be, I no longer yearn for a mansion, a banquet or the most exciting adventure.

The gem I find in that dark place of sickness is that my greatest dreams become my reality. To sleep a few minutes or at least just sit and breathe is all I need. The sparkle comes from the simplicity of my yearnings. A humble soup and a soft blanket complete my world in that moment.

Irony has taught me that the happiest moments I can experience are when I have the least and the least is all I need.

It is torture to always need more, for then we are never joyful, happy and complete.

Heaven is that place where contentment is easily found. It is up to each man and woman when they have reached their heaven. Most should have arrived long ago, but instead of embracing the beauty of family, friends and nature around them, they have spent their lives ignoring all to look afar off at an imaginary dream.

The more we can give away, the more at peace we will be. The more we think we need, the more saddened we will be. True peace is nothing.


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