It is the worst of love affairs
To betray the body and mind.
This affair of a personal nature
Lets self control unwind.

 We did not want to say no;
We reasoned it was best at the time,
To give and beat and forget a fortune
For the glimmer of the dime.

Our muscles and bones,
When healthy make us able.
When adultery takes place,
We throw the banquet from the table.

Our spirit is our captain.
All must his word heed.
If rebellion and greed take hold,
If the heart turns cold,
The body allowed bold,
The ship has no direction:
Its end will soon be told.

Starving in decay
Left in dark and dusty corners,
For our mind and body,
There will soon be black-dawned mourners.

They were the loyal and the true,
Most beneficial and rewarding.
Now they die, and we will too,
To take up our new world’s boarding.

For one short look
or one quick taste,
We betrayed ourselves
For pleasure in haste.

If I were a wise man,
Mine eyes and tastebuds I would carve away.
For those which give the most pleasure,
are most likely to betray.

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